Below, you will find resources to help you if you are going through a divorce, or simply thinking about it.


  • Support Alimony in Oklahoma
    In this podcast, family lawyer Moura Robertson discusses spousal support in Oklahoma, including the many different criteria for how it is awarded and how the court determines how much is paid.

Divorce Guides

These Divorce Guides provide you with information, support, and guidance you need to go through your divorce.

Co-Parenting Divorce Guide

This Co-Parenting Divorce Guide contains hand-picked articles, book excerpts, advice and more to help you recover from the inevitable stresses and pressures of divorce. And just as importantly, the Guide empowers you to build a satisfying, strong relationship with your children and ex-spouse. Click here to download the guide.

Download Free Financial Divorce GuideFinancial Divorce Guide

In this Financial Divorce Guide, you’ll find articles, book excerpts, advice and more on key financial issues that often emerge during divorce. Together with other resources and experts, use the information here to help you make it through your divorce with your finances intact, and your future secure. Click here to download the guide.

Divorce eNewsletter

A wealth of articles that are updated monthly. Our enewsletter covers a wide variety of topics related to divorce.

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