9 Tips for Improving Mental Well-Being During a Divorce

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According to the Holmes-Rahe Stress scale, divorce is the second-most stressful life event. You may have multiple tasks to handle, like choosing a divorce lawyer and reworking household logistics. Your emotions might be all over the map, ranging from feelings of emptiness to betrayal, rage, deep sadness, exhaustion, confusion, and hurt. The emotional turmoil that divorce triggers…

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How Divorce Affects Children

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About half of all children in the United States will see their parents get divorced when they’re growing up. Divorce is tough on everyone involved, but it can have a significant impact on children.  The breakup of their parents’ marriage can be a traumatic experience for kids, leaving them feeling confused, hurt, and betrayed. These feelings can…

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How to Overcome the Financial Struggles of Divorce

financial struggles of divorce

Did you know that the initial filing fee for a divorce in Oklahoma is upwards of $200? Hiring your divorce lawyer and going to court results in even more fees. While this sounds expensive enough, the cost of a divorce goes beyond the legal fees you have to pay. The costs extend into your everyday…

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