Discuss Your Divorce with a Qualified Tulsa Divorce Attorney

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Gather Documents

Although not required for an initial consultation, the more information you can obtain up-front, the better. Start gathering documentation of income, expenses, assets, and debts, including such things as deeds to real estate, certificates of title to motor vehicles, business formation and operating documents, tax returns, financial statements, retirement, investment and bank account statements, credit card statements, and the like.

As to child custody issues, start thinking about the qualities that make you a good parent or better parent than your spouse. Write down examples and specific instances. Consider the children’s developmental stages, personalities, activities, education, and any special needs they may have. Identify witnesses to support your parenting position. Potential witnesses can be friends, family, childcare providers, teachers, counselors, and anyone else who might have information regarding your or your spouse’s parenting abilities and relationships with your children.

Attorney Fees and Costs

Attorney retainers and attorney hourly rates will vary from one divorce attorney to another and are largely determined by the attorney’s level of skill and experience.  Attorney hourly rates for a divorce attorney in Tulsa and surrounding areas can range between $200 per hour and $400 per hour, and attorney retainers can range between $2,500 and $10,000. Moura Robertson’s hourly rates reflect her and her staff’s levels of skill and experience, are competitive for Tulsa divorce attorneys at her level of experience, and her retainers are set in consideration of the nature and complexity of the case and the issues in dispute.

Typically, each spouse is responsible for paying their own attorney fees and costs; however, a judge may order one spouse to pay the other’s attorney fees in certain circumstances – for example, when one spouse is the earner and the other is the homemaker. Also, if one party causes unnecessary legal fees, a judge may order the offending spouse to pay the other’s attorney fees. Your overall legal expenses will depend upon the complexity of your case and what the disputed issues are. You can help reduce your legal fees by cooperating with your attorney and their staff in the preparation of your case. It also helps to get counseling which is less expensive than calling your attorney for non-legal matters.

Moura Robertson is a Tulsa divorce attorney who will answer whatever questions you might have concerning attorney fees and costs in your individual case during your confidential initial legal consultation.

Contact us to schedule your initial consultation with Moura Robertson to discuss your case. We offer competitive rates for highly-qualified family law attorneys in Tulsa and surrounding counties.

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